Our Faith Missionaries and their Works

  • Bro. Ben Andrews – Papua New Guinea
  • Bro. Tommy Baucom – North American Natives (Canada)
  • Bro. Ray Bearden – Evangelist
  • Bro. John Combest – Congo
  • Bro. Jeremiah Cooley – Liechtenstein
  • Bro. Scott Crabtree – Deaf in Ohio
  • Bro. Duane Earwood – Church planting in South Dakota
  • Bro. David Epps – Gulf Coast Prison Ministry
  • Bro. Dean Francini – Deaf in Colorado
  • Bro. Duane Hearron – Siberia
  • Bro. Bob Himes – Deaf in Philippines
  • Bro. Jody Hodnett – Scotland
  • Bro. Jeremy Holloway – South Sudan and East Africa
  • Bro. Luke Knickerbocker – Nepal
  • Bro. Tony Ledbetter – Haiti
  • Bro. Swante Lindquist – Jamaica
  • Bro. Takafumi Miyashita – Japan
  • Bro. Marty Montgomery – Church planting in Illinois
  • Bro. Ron Moreland – Bible translation
  • Bro. James Overton – India
  • Bro. Solomon Owolabi – Nigeria, Africa
  • Bro. Matthew Patenaude – Bible translation
  • Bro. Robert Patenaude – Church planting in southern Indiana
  • Bro. John R – Southeast Asia
  • Sis. Elaine Rogers – Latin American Outreach
  • Bro. James Ruckman – Church planting in South Dakota and West Africa
  • Bro. David Sexton – Church Planting in Western USA
  • Bro. Jerrell Shaw – Guadalajara, Mexico
  • Bro. Robert Smith – Brazil
  • Bro. Larry Townsend – Amarillo, Texas
  • Bro. Ken Trivette – Native American Indians in South Dakota
  • Hephzibah House Girls Home – Winona Lake, IN


     Thank God for the young people of our Church! Most of them have dedicated their lives so wonderfully to a Godly testimony. We have experienced real revival within the last year or so and we can honestly say that it was started in large part by God working within the youth. They have a sweet fellowship with one another and God has given them a love for souls, a cause for Christ, and a spirit of closeness. It is encouraging to see them involved in the church and all of its ministries!

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